pictured rocks029

Hello!  I’m Mandy.

Welcome to the Heart District Photography blog.  I’m so excited to share my work and my life with you.  I’m the owner and photographer of HDP, photographing professionally since 2006.  I live in rural Michigan with my husband and three kids.  You may be here to just check out some pretty photos or are interested in getting some of those pretty photos for yourself.  If you would like to talk to me about taking photos or just want to meet up to have some coffee and chocolate and talk about life– you can contact me here.  Here is my website if you’d like to see more.

I enjoy adventures through woods.  Chocolate and coffee.  Newborns and kittens.  I’m mostly a minimalist but I do collect journals and mugs.  The ocean terrifies me, however, I’d love to live on the beach right by the ocean.  I’m comfortable with this paradox. 🙂

I strive to live a life full of love for others.

There is a story within each of us.  It may not always seem epic or grand but these moments we have string together so beautifully.  It is such a pleasure to document and allow you and me to travel back in time–to hold onto the memory of these moments forever.



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