In This Messy Kitchen // Life

It is only Tuesday and I already feel like I need a mental health day.  Just a day to rest both my body and my brain.  I have an appointment and some errands but I fully intend to take a walk and enjoy some of the newly blooming flowers and sunshine before I pick up the kids.  I’m taking a little time today to start going through some of my photos from the last couple of months of birthdays, snow days, school parties, and Easter.  I came across a few from one day when my youngest, Izzie, wanted to bake some cupcakes.  Something about baking in the kitchen always lights her up (it could possibly be the licking of bowls….but I’m choosing to believe it is being with me and creating.) 🙂  Actually, going through my 227 photos, I noticed how often we were gathered in the kitchen.  It is often the most messy room in the house but it is also my favorite.  We have dance parties on these old wood floors and tell stories around the butcher block as I’m cooking.  James and I drink our coffee and chat during the months we can’t sit outside on the patio. There are updates I want to do like changing out these cupboards and repainting.  But today, I’m reminded that although things are not perfect.  They aren’t the ideal.  The goal has not yet been achieved.  In this messy kitchen, there is happiness.  So I’m off to take a break and enjoy the journey.

blogiz2 copy blogiz2-2 copy blogiz3 copy

And manners are gone when there is chocolate at the bottom of the mixing bowl.




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