Not to Escape Life//Family

I’m a huge advocate for printing your photographs.  It is much too easy to leave them on your phone or hard drive.  Although being at my computer the last couple of months has been difficult since I’ve had an injury–which I’m mostly healed from now (honestly personal photographs can be difficult to get to anyway), I managed to work on an album from our first big family vacation to Florida this last autumn.  It was a SLOW go because I couldn’t work on it for more than 30 minutes at a time but I’m ready to print and I’m delighted.  Not a week goes by that the kids do not pour over our family photo albums.  I obviously love photos and passing that enjoyment of our memories to the kids makes me beam inside.

I won’t bore you with details of our family vacation except that it was beautiful and much needed.  As with any time spent with three kids for 10 days, we had our ups and downs. Emotional meltdowns and bickering.  I was dealing with my injury which I tried really hard not to let cloud our days.  But the time we spent together, enjoying the simple things like waves at the beach and holding hands with nowhere else to be are going to be cherished forever.

If you have a load of images on that hard drive, I urge you to print them. Interestingly enough, having printed photos of your children in your home can raise self-esteem. For reals. Not a lot of studies have been done on this but I’ve seen a couple that show family photography helps children to see themselves as part of family unit and valued. See links below if you’d like to read further.

We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.

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Study on child’s self esteem with photography.

Glow Imagery Boost Children’s Self Esteem


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