Smallest Things//Newborn Lifestyle

Over five years ago, I traveled from Virginia to Michigan to photograph Amber & Troy’s beautiful November wedding.  Their family grew with a spunky little redhead daughter and now they’ve welcomed their first son.  When looking for more newborn clients, I was thrilled when Amber contacted me to document their newest addition.  Such a joy!

There is always such excitement with new life.  Chaos when there are pets and siblings and a change of routine.  But there is this quiet.  Quiet love in those moments of mother and a babe who has fluttered his eyes.  One, two, three fast breaths which slow to a more rhythmic pace and a sense of victory wells up inside as she breaths that newborn smell with eyes closed.  The quiet embrace of parents gazing at the new life in their arms.  I love to be witness to all types of love in life.  The crazy mad love. The subtle comfortable love.  Love.  What makes the world go ’round.

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”

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blog 6
Big sister full of stories to tell her baby brother.
blog 7
The excitement of little toes.

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